Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Name is Taylor

I started writing a new post when I realized that I never properly introduced myself to you - the blogosphere. So, for anyone who cares, here's a few quick facts about myself.
That's me. I LVE life. :)

I love all things sparkly - shoes, jewelry, underwear. If it sparkles, I pretty much have to have it.
If my dream of becoming a journalist doesn't work out, I'm going to be a beach bum in San Diego.
My favorite color is orange. Has been since I was a little kid.
I'm a guy's girl: I love sports, trucks, and going on adventures.
^^My beautiful truck (Thank you, Dad, for letting me take it to college!♥)
^^Hiking 15 miles at night in the snow to the Hot Springs=craziest adventure EVER.
I own 45 pairs of shoes.
The moment I first laid eyes on Cristiano Ronaldo, I fell in love. He is THE most attractive man on the planet.
^^Look at that smile! :)
I make amazing salsa.
I'm LDS and proud of it. I love the Church and the gospel so, so much.  

I believe that happiness is a choice. It's not dependent on your circumstances, but more on your mindset.
I believe that hard work will get you anywhere you want to go, regardless of the odds set against you.
And above all, I believe that all in life is pointless without love and passion.

Crazy=Having your heart broken by someone you trusted wholeheartedly.
Beautiful=Knowing that EVERYTHING. WILL. BE. OKAY.

My name is Taylor Street and I'm an optimist.