Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ode to a Dying Breed

Ever since I was little, I have loved one thing above all: sports. I've played nearly every sport competitively at one point or another, and I used to dream of competing professionally one day - of making millions of dollars, of being an Olympian, of being a household name. Somewhere during my twenty years of life, that changed. Now, my passion for sports manifests itself in the form of journalism.

After making perhaps the biggest decision of my life thus far, I am now just days away from submitting my application to BYU's journalism program. Being on the brink of taking a huge step in the direction of making my biggest dream come true has made me take a look at my short career as a journalist - at where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going.

Where I've Been:

I first became interested in journalism as a sophomore in high school. At the time, Sheridan High School's newspaper, The Ocksheperida, had a pretty awesome Sports Editor named Dan Mediate in charge. In addition to other articles, he wrote a sports column every issue that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I mentioned my love of Dan's writing to my sophomore english teacher, who was also the newspaper advisor, and he recommended that I give journalism a try.

I took his advice and joined the "Ock" staff at the beginning of my junior year. I got the job as Sports Editor and fell in love with it fairly quickly. It wasn't being on the inside of the news loop or seeing my name in print that I loved most. It wasn't even having the opportunity to interview important and noteworthy people that I loved most. What I loved most about serving as Sports Editor was exactly that: serving. I didn't have to go to sporting events to get pictures if I didn't want to; I didn't have to interview the stars of the football team if I didn't want to; I didn't have to spend hours editing articles and page layouts. But I did. Call me crazy, but I had fun doing all the things editors do because I knew the students of SHS deserved the best. I fell in love with that feeling and realized that journalism was what I was meant to do with my life.

Attached are two of my articles that I wrote in high school. The first is my very first news article from my junior year on the "Ock" staff; the second is my final sports column I wrote as a senior. It's my favorite piece of writing I've ever done. Below the articles are several pictures that I took from various sports events.


Where I Am:

I just started my second year at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I'm in the middle of receiving the most amazing education and, even when times have been hard, I've loved every minute of it. I've had the opportunity to take amazing classes from amazing professors and I've learned so much during my time here.

Attached are two of my projects from my Communications 211 class. It's a Media Writing class that exposes aspiring journalists to several different types of media writing including print journalism, broadcast journalism, public relations, and advertising. The first is a news story I wrote about a "roadtrip" some friends and I took up Spanish Fork Canyon. The second is a radio advertisement I wrote about Naked Juice.

Where I'm Going:

When I tell people I want to be a print journalist, they generally look at me as if I have some sort of strange disease. Most people somewhat snidely declare, "Newspapers are dying. You know that, right?" Thanks for the info, people. The truth is, I'm terrified about (hopefully) becoming a print journalist. I know full well that print journalists are a quickly dying breed and that I very well might have trouble finding a job after I graduate. But at the same time, I know what I love. I know that I have a deep, residing passion for journalism and that it's the only thing I can imagine myself doing.

My biggest dream come true would be to write for Sports Illustrated, specifically their "The Point After" column. The column is rotated amongst several columnists, but Phil Taylor is by far my favorite. He had an amazing way with words and an incredible knowledge of sports, as well as a keen perception of fan/player relationships. To put it simply, his columns are captivating. I find myself reading them over and over in my spare time.  Attached is a column he wrote in October 2009 called "The Unluckiest Fan in America." It is, by far, the best piece of sports editorial writing I've ever read and I pray that I can be half as good a journalist someday as Phil Taylor is.

I've found myself at a crossroads - between all that I've been through and learned throughout my life and the direction  my life is headed. I'm standing on the very edge of my future and, although it's terrifying to think about all the work I have ahead of me, I'm excited. I'm excited for what my remaining three years at Brigham Young University hold. I'm excited for the challenges of choosing to enter a career that is currently struggling. I'm excited to follow in the footsteps of great men and women who have left their mark on the journalism world and I'm ready to leave my mark.

So, to the entire journalism world and all those in it: Bring It On. I'm ready.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Cowboy State :)

It really is like no other place on earth.

My family and I moved to Wyoming in 2007 from Arizona. What I thought would be a state full of rednecks and illiterates turned out to be quite the charming little place. I'm now back in Utah to start my sophomore year at BYU, which has caused me to think a lot about the place I call home. So, here they are: the top 5 things I L♥VE about Wyoming.

Number 5:
Wyoming Pride!
Ok so, I know Wyomingites aren't anything like Texans or New Yorkers when it comes to boasting of our heritage, but can you blame us? There's barely half a million of us. There's just something awesome about seeing the all-too-familiar buckin' horse and cowboy symbol on bumper stickers, clothing, and signs all over town. :)
^^My own small way of reppin' the 307!

Number 4:
Here in Sheridan we throw quite the party every July when rodeo time rolls around. From the carnival to the parade downtown to the street dance, the cowboy comes out in everyone. Not only are the events surrounding the rodeo fun, but the actual rodeo is to die for. My personal favorite, along with pretty much everyone else, are the World Champion Indian Relay Races. I won't even begin to try and explain the event. You'll just have to come see it for yourself. ;)
^^Small preview :)

Number 3:
The Stars!!
The fact that I can sit in my backyard, in the Wal-Mart parking lot or parked on the side of some country road and see the exact same view of the stars in every place is pretty great in my book. My least favorite thing about going to school in Provo is that I can never see the stars.

Number 2:
You know you live in an awesome place when a girl can order a big buffalo steak at a restaurant and not be looked at like she's crazy. (I highly recommend the buffalo sirloin at the Wyoming Rib & Chop House in downtown Sheridan, by the way. It's TO. DIE. FOR.) I've always loved steak, barbeque, and meat in general, and the dining in Wyoming definitely does not disappoint.

Number 1:
The Scenery!!
Anyone who thinks Wyoming is just a barren wasteland hasn't been to northern Wyoming. While I admit southern Wyoming isn't the most appealing place on earth (Laramie, Rock Springs, etc....), places like Sheridan and Jackson are friggin beautiful. And, of course, you can't forget Yellowstone. Come visit me anytime you want and I'd be happy to show you around a bit! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

T-Minus 27 Days!

To anyone who reads this, I apologize for being so lousy at staying up on my posting. But big kudos to Emily Smith for reminding me that I really really need to start posting more.

I have about 2 WEEKS!!!! of summer left, so I thought it would be appropriate to update everyone of the goings-on in my life. (Don't worry, there haven't been many of them so this should be a short post.)

I began the summer by.........getting dumped. I'll spare you the details, but I figured the summer could only get better from there. After getting my wisdom teeth out in early May, I began my fourth summer working at Albertsons. I even got my three-year pin!

The Albertsons uniform is pretty darn bland, so I've taken up collecting really cute headbands to spice things up. If ever anyone wants to get rid of some headbands, I will gladly take them off your hands!!
Pretties :)

I flew to Arizona for a week in June to visit some old friends, and it was a BLAST!! I stayed with my long lost Mexican sister, Raimee Mawson, who was kind enough to put up with me for a week. We went night hiking and shopping and cruised to thug music in the Arizona desert, and even almost got eaten by a giraffe! I also got to spend some time with Robbie Berger, Sami Encizo, Courtney Canez, Cody Falquez, Dusty Angel, and Rebecca Lopez...All very, very good friends. I won't even begin to list the insane things we did.
Night hikin'!!
Tucson zoooooo!

Before I left for Arizona, I started dating Devin Escamilla. My first summer romance. We broke up about a week ago, but I have nothing but good feelings toward the kid. We went on long hikes together, and he took me shooting, and we sat and talked for hours upon hours. Summer romances ain't so bad after all, ya know. <3
He's pretty darn cute :)

In early July, my mom, younger sister, and I ventured to California, via Utah where I got to hang out with my dear friend, Dallas Olsen. Anyone who doesn't know him should get to know him. He's pretty much the coolest person ever.
Once in California, I tried to stay inside as much as possible because of the sweltering heat. People there told me it was actuall a pretty mild week, with temperatures "only" reaching about 105. But still, coming from Sheridan, it was a bit too much for me. But evenstill, I had a great time. (Aside from the LCD kit on my laptop going completely insane!)
I've since gotten it fixed, but it was quiiiiite the ordeal :(
Cameron and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter, which is one thing I will never do again. Let's just say standing in line next to a kid whose dreads smell like marijuana is not my cup of tea. We also went to the beach in San Diego, where I got a fierce sunburn because I forgot to put sunscreen on. We did a good amount of shopping in both El Centro and San Diego, and I'm now officially BROKE. Best part of the trip, though, was making a new friend. :) Shout out to Cody Johnson, if he ever reads this.
Cody and Sam stuffed themselves into a photobooth. It was quite adorable, really!

We returned home for a day, long enough to do some laundry, before we headed to my sister Adrienne's graduation from BYU-Idaho. I'm so so SOOO proud of her for having the drive to complete her education with the challenges of being poor, married, and a mother all at the same time. She's pretty great in my book. :)
Sisters <3

And now, I have nothing left to do but work and wait. School starts exactly 27 DAYS! from today. To be honest, I've never been so excited for summer to be over. I guess being away from a great town, a great university, and amazing friends will do that to you.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Stained fingers and tiny gashes

Note: I meant to post this several weeks ago but totally spaced pushing the "Publish" button. Anyway, enjoy. :)

My, oh my! It has been over two months since I last posted. Epic FAIL on my part! Truth is: I have no idea what to talk about half the time on here. What could I say to possibly interest any of you fine people??

Anyways, I'm essentially half-way through summer and just got started on my big summer project a week ago. When I was 14, as one of my Young Women's in Excellence 10 hour projects, I made a stained glass window and really enjoyed it.
^^That's the one I made when I was 14!

So, I decided to once again take on this endeavor! I didn't particularly like the design of the last window, so I spent weeks (literally) deciding what to make this time and found this pattern in one of my mom's design books:

And so, after much fretting over color choices and finding supplies, this is the progress I've made so far:
Not bad for only a week, right?!

While stained glass is a pretty expensive hobby, it's totally worth it. It has really taught me how to be patient, because a lot of the pieces are hard to shape and take a good amount of tender loving care! I've also accumulated some cool cuts to tell stories about since it's impossible not to cut yourself when working with glass. (I currently have about 12 little cuts on my fingers and hands!)

Check back for updates on both my progress and the status of my wounded fingers! Ciao!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Name is Taylor

I started writing a new post when I realized that I never properly introduced myself to you - the blogosphere. So, for anyone who cares, here's a few quick facts about myself.
That's me. I LVE life. :)

I love all things sparkly - shoes, jewelry, underwear. If it sparkles, I pretty much have to have it.
If my dream of becoming a journalist doesn't work out, I'm going to be a beach bum in San Diego.
My favorite color is orange. Has been since I was a little kid.
I'm a guy's girl: I love sports, trucks, and going on adventures.
^^My beautiful truck (Thank you, Dad, for letting me take it to college!♥)
^^Hiking 15 miles at night in the snow to the Hot Springs=craziest adventure EVER.
I own 45 pairs of shoes.
The moment I first laid eyes on Cristiano Ronaldo, I fell in love. He is THE most attractive man on the planet.
^^Look at that smile! :)
I make amazing salsa.
I'm LDS and proud of it. I love the Church and the gospel so, so much.  

I believe that happiness is a choice. It's not dependent on your circumstances, but more on your mindset.
I believe that hard work will get you anywhere you want to go, regardless of the odds set against you.
And above all, I believe that all in life is pointless without love and passion.

Crazy=Having your heart broken by someone you trusted wholeheartedly.
Beautiful=Knowing that EVERYTHING. WILL. BE. OKAY.

My name is Taylor Street and I'm an optimist.

Friday, April 22, 2011

High on Life :)

It's Friday evening and I have zeroooo plans. But that's totally ok because I legitimately had one of the best weeks ever.

First up, I FINISHED my freshman year of college on Tuesday! It's been such a crazy journey getting this far and I know I've grown so, so much. Only three years left!! And just so everyone knows: I'm a Pre-Communications major; I'll be applying to BYU's Print Journalism program in September! I hope to be a columnist for Sports Illustrated someday. :)

Phil Taylor is my hero ^^

Secondly, I got an academic scholarship from BYU! Half tuition for the 2011-2012 school year! My scholarships for my freshman and sophomore years now total $14,870! I couldn't be more grateful for the scholarships that allow me to attend BYU and are helping me achieve my dreams.

Third, I moved out of the dorms! I mean, I loved my roommates and all, but I was about sick of that matchbox apartment.

126 <3

And finally, I went shopping today with my mommy! She bought me a pair of Enzo Angiolini heels I'd been eying since Thanksgiving AND I found out I got a $100 gift card to Victoria's Secret! (Can you say yoga pants galore??) 

Sparkles :)

Highlight of my day for real.

To put it simply: life is very, very good right now.
Crazy=The fact that it's the end of April and it still feels like winter in Utah. Beautiful=the flowers starting to bloom and the fact that summer is near!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Insert Cliche Title Here.

Before I delve into anything else, let me first explain my blog title: Crazy, Beautiful.
First, it's a movie. An awesome one, nonetheless.

Second, it's a song by Ke$ha. Whom I love, by the way. Hate all you want.

Most importantly, it's my life: crazy and beautiful all at the same time.
For example, the amount of reading, essays, and quizzes I have to do for school is crazy. But the fact that I have the opportunity to go to school at BYU is beautiful.
Crazy=the amount of money I pay for gas; Beautiful=my truck. :)
Crazy=all of my guy friends are either on missions or about to leave. Beautiful=they're selfless enough to serve the Lord.

I think you get the picture. Evenstill, welcome to my Crazy, Beautiful world.
Please make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and you keep your hands and feet inside at all times. Enjoy the ride.