Monday, July 11, 2011

Stained fingers and tiny gashes

Note: I meant to post this several weeks ago but totally spaced pushing the "Publish" button. Anyway, enjoy. :)

My, oh my! It has been over two months since I last posted. Epic FAIL on my part! Truth is: I have no idea what to talk about half the time on here. What could I say to possibly interest any of you fine people??

Anyways, I'm essentially half-way through summer and just got started on my big summer project a week ago. When I was 14, as one of my Young Women's in Excellence 10 hour projects, I made a stained glass window and really enjoyed it.
^^That's the one I made when I was 14!

So, I decided to once again take on this endeavor! I didn't particularly like the design of the last window, so I spent weeks (literally) deciding what to make this time and found this pattern in one of my mom's design books:

And so, after much fretting over color choices and finding supplies, this is the progress I've made so far:
Not bad for only a week, right?!

While stained glass is a pretty expensive hobby, it's totally worth it. It has really taught me how to be patient, because a lot of the pieces are hard to shape and take a good amount of tender loving care! I've also accumulated some cool cuts to tell stories about since it's impossible not to cut yourself when working with glass. (I currently have about 12 little cuts on my fingers and hands!)

Check back for updates on both my progress and the status of my wounded fingers! Ciao!

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