Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Believe That Dreams Come True Everyday. Because They Do.

I had an amazing experience yesterday.

My sports editor asked me if I wanted to cover this week of spring football for the Daily Universe. Being a huge football fan/Cougar fan/really hot, muscular guy fan, I gladly obliged. While getting to attend practice and observe is pretty awesome, something even sweeter took place.

After practice ends, coaches and players come off the field for interviews. Naturally, everybody rushes Bronco Mendenhall for his thoughts on that day's practice, and the same goes for QB Riley Nelson. As I muscled my way into the huddle of reporters, cameras, bright lights and recorders, I looked around. I was surrounded by a group of middle-aged men who have probably been covering sports for years.

And there I was, a 20-year-old girl with a sparkly pink recorder, right in the thick of things with the pros.

It was at that moment that I realized how lucky I am. Not because I get front row seats at every men's volleyball game. Not because I get to meet nationally recognized coaches and players. Not because I've had four front-page articles in my two short months as a college reporter. No, I'm lucky because I'm in the midst of achieving my goals and dreams on a daily basis. I'm not just reading textbooks and taking tests over my career of choice. I'm living it. How many college students gets to say that? How many people period get to say that?

When I take a step back and look at my life, I realize that, yeah, there are a lot of things I'm not particular happy about. And, yeah, I wish some things were different. But my goodness, I am so blessed and so lucky. I refuse to think that just because there are things I wish were different that I can't be truly happy.

Instead, I choose to walk with my head in the clouds and my feet planted firmly on the ground. I choose to look forward to all that life has in store for me. I choose to believe in the beauty, the reality, of my biggest dreams. Because it's when we stop believing that the magic in our lives ceases to exist. So if you've stopped believing, do me a favor: START.

By far my favorite part of the entire One Tree Hill series. Makes me cry every time I watch it. Totally fitting for this post. :)

Believe that dreams come true everyday. Because they do.
Trust me, I know.


  1. You're kind of a big deal.

  2. You can achieve your dreams...just don't get mired down in the things that really don't matter! So very proud of you!